For Whom:  
Anyone who would like to express themselves.
Whether you have never picked up a brush or 
are an accomplished artist, we know you will 
enjoy this time to paint and share with your 
fellow artists.

Art Supplies:

Please bring  the following list of supplies.  

 1.   Basic set of acrylic paints
 2.   Brushes various sizes 
 3.   Gloss medium/varnish (for acrylic paints only)
 4.   Stretched Canvas or Canvas Board 
 5.   Wooden Table easel
  6.  Pencil, eraser and ruler
  7.  Clean Empty Plastic Jar 
  8.  Brush cleaner
  9.  Paper Towels
10.  Palette (covered wet sponge type)


Supplies can be purchased at :

Michaels Arts & Crafts      

1237 Shipp Street
Hendersonville, NC
Hobby Lobby
108 Franklin Ave
Spartanburg, NC

For more information

Pat Grillo   -  phone: 828-398-9800  -    email:  
For more information
Pat Grillo   -   cell: 561-212-4765   -   home: 828-625-3293   -   email:   -   fax: 1-866-228-9250

  To Register for Art Classes on a first-come first-serve basis, 
  or if you have any questions, please click here. 
Pat Grillo

                Award Winning Artist 
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